This document is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an opinion of the purchase or sale of Artfinity shares or securities. Any similar offer or levy will be made under a trusted clause and with the applicable securities laws and other relevant laws, andthe above information or analysis does not constitute investment decisions or specific recommendations. This document does not constitute any investment advice, investment intention or instructed investment in the form of securities. This document is not intended to be an understanding or offer of any purchase or sale, or any invitation to buy or sell any form of securities, nor is it a contract or commitment of any kind.
1、The purchase of AT means that the participants have reached the age standard and have the complete civil capacity, and the contract with Artfinity is true and effective. All participants voluntarily signed the contract and had a clear and necessary understanding of Artfinity before signing the contract. Once an investor participates in an investment, he or she understands and accepts the risk of the project and is willing to bear the corresponding results and consequences.
2、The Artfinity team will continue to make reasonable attempts to ensure that the information in this white paper is true and accurate. During the development process, the platform may be updated, including but not limited to platform mechanisms, tokens and their mechanisms, and token distribution. Some of the content of the document may be adjusted in the new white paper as the project progresses. The team will post the update to the public by posting an announcement or a new whitepaper on the website. Participants are encouraged to keep up to date with the latest white papers and adjust their decisions in a timely manner based on the updates. Artfinity expressly disclaims any loss as a result of (i) reliance on the contents of this document, (ii) inaccuracies in this document, and (iii) any actions resulting from this document.
3、The team will spare no effort to achieve the goals mentioned in the document, but based on the existenceofforcemajeure, the team cannot fully complete the commitment.
4、The value-added of AT depends on the market law and the demand after the application falls. It may not have any value,the team does not promise its value-added, and is not responsible for the consequences caused by the increase or decrease of value.;
Artfinity expressly disclaims any direct or indirect damages from any participating projects, including:
a、Personal operational risk:any error, negligenceorinaccurateinformation resulting from personal understanding of the user's trading operations, loss of personal block trading of various blockchain assets and any resulting behavior;
b、AT token fluctuation risk:When the AT enters the market, the price may rise or fall, and the fluctuation of the market price may cause losses;
c、Regulatory and policy risks:Blockchain technology is a new type of Internet technology. The current regulatory policies are not clear about the regulatory direction, guiding policies, and legal establishment of such situations. Changes in regulatory policies may be causing an impact to the project itself or to token transactions at any time;
d、Risk of project R&D failure:As a new type of science and technology project, the project is still under construction and development period when there is no previous development or similar application. The progress of the project product on R&D is less than expected or failed.
e、Project Operational Risk:As an initial project, operational risks are more likely to be exposed, including but not limited to various risks such as technical R&D failure, serious brain drain, financial loss, and business model theft. Participants should be fully aware of the risks associated with project operations;
f、Digital Asset Security Risk:Blockchain As a new Internet technology, there have been many precedents for digital assets and exchanges being stolen. Therefore, participants in this project must be aware that the digital assets and the tokens of this project are lost, missing, and hacked, and these risks may cause losses.